Double Up

  What makes you spring into action? For me, I will be assured of starting and finishing a project when I double up.

  • I link two activities back to back that I love.  (Or at least love one of them!) I will file when I watch foodtv.
  • I will support a cause when I add in another team member that I work well with. I have joined committees and become a board member because it was fun, easy and rewarding to be a valuable team member.
  • No one wants to be left in the kitchen alone. My DH and I partner to unload the dishwasher, fold the sheets, and make dinner. You can create all different partners in your family to get this done.
  • Double up dinner recipes!  Freeze part of the recipe for another week.

What is one way you get the little stuff done? What organizing strategy works best for you?

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