Holiday Notebook

During a recent meeting of Sharing Organizing Solutions (SOS) the most popular and valuable idea was the holiday notebook.  

·                     Collate your holiday notebook by deciding what categories are most important to you.  

·                     Choose a notebook with holiday theme colors

·                     Add tabbed dividers with labels for

holiday calendar with dates for activities

holiday recipes

holiday cards lists with completed addresses

gift lists (including online purchases)

decorating ideas (with pictures of each room fully decorated.)

annual family traditions (websites for holiday entertainment)

·                     Include a pocket folder to hold receipt

·                     Keep coupons from various stores in the front pocket

·                     Keep in an easy to access spot for your use throughout the season!


A holiday notebook is a way to consolidate all your ideas, lists and more for the holidays! Finding ideas, adding ideas and accessing ideas are easy!






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