How to Keep Organized With No Time at Home

organize with no time at home


During the month of May, it is not surprising how little time we spend at home. We are attending end-of-year activities, recitals, and more. It is now marked “Maycember” because of all the extra activities. I have noticed that having no time at home causes chaos with families. Laundry, meal prep, and organizing falters.  Check out these strategies to help you stay organized despite your lack of time.


Make a list of 15-minute tasks

Micro-steps are the winning strategy during busy times. Perhaps you think that list will be too long to accomplish. However, in reality, those are the most valuable tasks that are being accomplished. If there is a longer task, break it into more manageable tasks. If you are hosting a party, attending a graduation, or any other additional activity, use all your 15-minute time blocks to focus on your priority.

Outsource meal prep

Busy times call for resourcefulness. Outsource meal prep by ordering prepared meals and snacks. Local foodies share resources on social media, grocery stores have prepared meals at the front of the store, and local family restaurants offer family meals to go. Write down your plan so you know what you have available. Post a list on the refrigerator and freezer for your family to know what is ready. Make a routine of ordering on Sunday to be ready for the week ahead.

Focus on using what you have

Clutter builds up big time at this time of year. Extra Amazon and retail orders “just in case” come in quickly and pile up. It feels easier to order than to find your stuff in your home. Focus on ordering less and using what you have to accomplish the same end. Extra ordering at this time of year results in more expenses too.

Build a support team

Having a support team at this time of year makes life better. That support team starts with a cleaning team. It is a joy to have someone else take responsibility for dusting, vacuuming, and more when you are not available. Find local resources through referrals. Other support includes a lawn person, window cleaner, and power washing person.

Focus and reward routines

Use the little time at home you have wisely with routines. That might be an evening and Sunday reset time when all items get returned to homes. You will be more organized overall with less out on the counter. Establish a weekly administrative time to pay bills and go through the mail. Nothing lapses in payments or completed paper work if you have a time set to do this work. You might need an incentive for your routines. That incentive would be a reward that speaks to you, such as reading, crafts, or treats. Building that routine starts with visual reminders such as a chart or auditory reminders like an alarm.


Enjoy the moment

Family times, graduations, recitals, and other May events come around once a year. Give yourself permission to enjoy this time with others. Let go of your perfectionism around organizing and productivity and enjoy the moment. Busy times like these are what make memories for you and your family.

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  1. Seana Turner
    Seana Turner says:

    I was at my MOPS group yesterday (Mothers of Preschoolers – I’m a “mentor mom”), and we were talking about meal prep. I found out there is a delicious place you can order and pickup food, but it isn’t every day like a traditional restaurant. I think this generation of parents have better access to and familiarity with meal prep and delivery options. I’m now following this guy on Instagram. I think when my children were little, I felt it was a splurge to order in food, but I can see how meal options can truly simplify the daily schedule crunch.

    Completely agree with allowing yourself to be present in the celebratory moments. If we spend them worrying about something else we should be doing, we don’t do either well!

  2. Ellen
    Ellen says:

    @Seana – yes there are so many more options now! One of our family favorites is a “family pack” dinner for 6 from a local chef that comes complete with bread and salad. It makes it easy to have everyone over for a family dinner.

  3. Linda Samuels
    Linda Samuels says:

    What a great term, “Maycember!” I never heard of that before, and it makes so much sense. May and even June are such busy months, especially for parents with kids in school. While our kids are now grown, I had Jury Duty this month, which completely threw things off schedule. There was a lot of rearranging that happened. Any shortcuts or help I could get made a big difference.

    All of your strategies are excellent. Enjoying moments is important because it’s easy to let stress dominate during busy times. Being mindful and taking time to celebrate the milestones and joy-filled moments are a game-changer.

    And how cool that Seana is a “mentor mom.” Wow! That group is so lucky to have her in that role.

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