Your Most Organized Year Ever

Your Most Organized Year Ever


Each year as we start the new year, we think of ways to make a change and improve our lives.  Did you know that organizing is one of the top three goals each year?  Throughout the month of January, I will be offering 31 tips to help you have Your Most Organized Year Ever.  Implement just one of these tips, tools, techniques or tweaks this year. 


Rejuvenation time is time for you to relax and gain back energy.


Do you give yourself time to rejuvenate?


Research shows rejuvenation is important in order to regain focus, invigorate creativity and be more organized.  It’s a way of taking care of ourself to do our best.


Create rejuvenation time in your week. Set aside time each week to have unstructured time.  Set aside time to play and be creative. Set aside time for meditation. Set aside time to be in green space.  Set aside commitments that keep you from having rejuvenation time.


Rejuvenation time won’t happen without your mindfulness. Your energy will soar as well as your positivity.  Make this Your Most Organized Year Ever by inserting time for rejuvenation in your week.


Boost your organizing and productivity skills with 31 tips to Your Most Organized Year Ever.


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  1. Janet Barclay
    Janet Barclay says:

    It’s funny, once you incorporate habits like these into your routine, you’re barely aware of them. I was in a coaching group, and the coach asked us about self-care, and I said it was something I needed to work on. But then as I described my daily morning walks with my dog and monthly sister visits, I discovered I’m not doing too badly!

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