Organizing and Exercise

I often think of the parallel with organizing and exercise. Both are lifestyle choices that require being  mindful of your priorities. In order to accomplish both, you make decisions about ways to spend your time, as well as committing to a healthier lifestyle. 

Organizing and exercising are best done with a partner.  I love my partners in wellness. I walk with 2 different friends. I do pilates with a great teacher ( And I go to the gym with my husband. All these partners not only help me be accountable about exercising, I also enjoy the aspect of spending time with them!  Who can help you in a trusted, loving way to take your next step in decluttering or exercising?

In order to truly make organizing or exercising priorities, we must schedule time every day to “just do it.”  A little bite of both organizing and exercise makes a big diff for me! I certainly do not have hours to do either, but I know if I do 30 minutes a day, I can keep things maintained.  Both organizing and exercise are so high on my priorities that I make sure I do these first every day! I set my alarm at 6:30 daily just to walk.  I pick up my clothes, get my car together and make my list of the 3 most important tasks each evening.  How important are these lifestyle choices to you?  When do you do them?

 Think through this parallel and see what comes to mind to empower you to get the job done too!  Think wellness, think health and think transition!

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  1. Janet Barclay
    Janet Barclay says:

    I started walking regularly (several mornings a week, in the good weather) about four years ago, with a local business colleague.

    I’ve recently adopted a dog, so now I’m walking several times a day, regardless of weather!

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