Organizing for Special Events

Our family celebrates big and little events in life! Whether a birthday, anniversary or holiday, family traditions mean everything to us.  It is gathering together and enjoying our time that makes an event special.  And we like to keep things super simple! 

Create your team.  Special events are even more fun when everyone has a part in preparing. Set the date together with your family and talk about how each family member can contribute. Decide on all the required tasks, from food preparation to decorations, and divide and conquer.  Write all the dates on a calendar so that everyone knows when to get their jobs complete.

 Use the internet to send invitations.   Both and offer ways to invite your guests.   This inexpensive solution offers your guests the ease of response and keeps costs down. 

 The little things can make a difference. Get your playlist ready on your ipod and gather new scented candles for the kitchen and bath.  

 Food is an important part of the fun. Keep it simple with easy recipes and ready made goodies.  Fresh simple ingredients make it healthy too!  Prepared hummus and veggie chips, cheese squares, and fruit make for yummy summer treats. 

 Get prepared ahead of time.  Shop a week in advance of your party. Work backwards a day for set up of tables and decorations.  Prepare your goodies a day ahead and refrigerate or freeze.   

 The best part of keeping things simple is that YOU get to enjoy the party!  It is the real reason to gather people together.  Greet your guests as they arrive and encourage them to mingle and help themselves to goodies.   

 In the end, enlist a clean up crew so you are not the only one finishing up with the trash and dishes. Put on some fun music and keep the party going as you clear away the debris. 

Keep from reinventing the wheel for each event.  Start a celebrations notebook that includes a list of food and fun for each event.  What a fun new tradition to keep celebrations going!

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  1. Janet Barclay
    Janet Barclay says:

    I love the idea of a celebrations notebook! It reminds me of growing up, when my mom had recipes she made every Christmas (both for baking cookies and Christmas dinner) and a special address book for keeping track of the people to whom she sent and from whom she received Christmas cards. Some people think having systems in place takes away the fun, but you and I know that it actually frees us up to have even more fun, don’t we? 🙂

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