Organized for an Emergency

Life has a way of “happening!”  You just never know when an emergency is going to come along.  So what do we need to be organized just in case?

Our family recently had a medical emergency of this unforeseen type.  We rushed to the hospital with the bare minimum for a day or two stay.  First and most importantly we had our medical information organized.  Our family has only a few medications and a few allergies, but this is the first thing you will be asked when a situation occurs. Have a list of all these for each family member printed and placed in your car . Medical insurance cards are critical to keep in your wallet.  So be sure you have your most recent with you.

We want to stay in touch and communicate with family, friends, church pastors and doctors.  I love that we can keep all these numbers handy in our cell phone! We also have an emergency contact list for our family including email addresses, work phone numbers and a few other details.  Need lists for medical information or  contacts?  I love  Check it out!

Speaking of our phone or other technology, be sure to bring your charger and other attachments to keep everything up and running.  Having one extra charger is a  small price for staying in touch.   

I spent the night there with my husband.  I always have a travel kit ready to go.  It has all the basics in it, in small containers, including a nail file and bandaids.  I dropped this and a few items in my bag and off I went. 

It really provided peace of mind to me to be ready at a moment’s notice. And that is what being organized is all about!

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