Make It Happen Mantras


There are so many great organizing quotes! Here are a few that especially bring a smile to my face.


Done is Perfect.  Donna Smallin coined this phrase in her book Organizing Plain and Simple. Don’t get caught up in perfection, just get your job done!


Well begun is half done.  Mary Poppins has many professional organizer traits!  In her song, A Spoon Full of Sugar, we all learn that getting started is half the job.   And then you are already half way complete!


Just do it! Taken directly from Nike, but I couldn’t resist!


Drain the swamp, regardless of the alligators. Many obstacles keep us from completing a job.  Find a way around the big teeth and get the job done.


Keep it simple sweetie! Be sure as you organize and as you live your life, the priorities and path are clear for you.


Hugs and happy organizing.  My favorite of all!


What is your favorite saying to get the job done?  What organizing quotes inspire you?


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