Overwhelmed? Breaking through Decluttering, Organizing and Productivity

Often my clients’ biggest challenges are making decisions.  Organizing is overwhelming and they need help simplifying.   They need help limiting choices.  There are many options and they are not sure which is the right one.  Having three questions will help you be more aware and focus on how your choices relate to your goals. 

~For questions of productivity and time management, ask yourself:   Does this activity align with my priorities, goals and dreams?  There is that famous saying, we can have it all, just not at the same time.  Our priorities need to help us make decisions, help us focus, and help us use our time to our best advantage.

~For questions about stuff, ask yourself: Do I love it or use it?   If you really love it, is it being honored? Loving something means you treat it as a precious item.  With functional items, how much do you use it? Not just “might need it some day”, but really use it?

~For questions about paper, ask yourself:  Can I find this information elsewhere,  like the internet, the library or by calling a friend?  We keep too much paper because we are afraid of needing it later.  There are so many ways to keep the information in a manner other than a file cabinet. 

What helps the most is often to have questions to ask, but also a partner to help coach you through the questions.  What question(s) do you ask yourself to help you achieve your organizing goals?

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