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All of your life  you thought, hmmmm, I may be a little different than others in the way I organize, get things done, and generally fit in.  You may have had trouble completing projects, getting motivated and getting started, and organizing your thoughts and your stuff.   You decide it is time to learn more about yourself, and learn you have ADHD.  Looking with objectivity of this diagnosis is difficult. If you have been recently diagnosed with ADHD, there’s a lot of information that can make a difference.


Think of this diagnosis as one that includes challenges to Executive Function, a part of your brain that involves planning and processing.  It is more than just attention and hyperactivity.  Executive function can affect your daily life including being on time, transitions, getting started, organization, prioritizing, motivation, and working memory.   You will want to create a team that educates, informs and addresses ADHD challenges.

Associations are a way to connect and learn.

  • Attention Deficit Disorder Association (www.adda.org)
  • CHADD (www.chadd.org)
  • These associations have online, national and local presence for you to tap into and learn about ADHD.  Finding a local chapter makes for support and a sense of belonging in your community.

Reading may be a top priority for you.  Blogs and books offer a look into the life of families and individuals with ADD.

Asking for help and creating your team are vital to your success.  In the medical area, doctors, therapists, and psychiastrists will be vital.  ADD Coaches are available to help you learn more about yourself and create the successes you need.  Certified Professional Organizers will partner with you to create successful organizing solutions.  Learn what your strengths are and work from that vantage.   Most important, surround yourself with nurturers who will help you set boundaries and help you be accountable.    Success is around the corner!


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