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Starting the Year with Productive Processes

start the year with productive processes.


Almost every task we do routinely can be improved with creating a process. A process it the standard way to do that task, whether it is laundry or email.  These systems and processes are a lot like automation. Doing these repeatedly the same way with the same steps makes for efficiency.


Why are processes important, especially in uncertain times? If you focus on processes you use every day, you are always going to feel in control and productive.  Implementing processes is one way of creating and providing consistency. Being consistent is especially difficult for those with ADHD. A process works like a checklist to be sure the right tasks, get done in the right order by the team.

Where you can use processes for those with ADHD.

  • Home: laundry and teaching your family how to use the washer and dry, and how to fold and hang.
  • Home: cleaning any area of your home, how to clean and when to clean.
  • Work: client intake and follow up with an intake form, entry into a CRM, and initial deposit for work.
  • Work: wrap up your work day with a list for tomorrow, closing down your computer and clearing your desk.
  • Home and Work: processing paperwork to determine what to take action on, what to file and how often to file.

Any important home or work responsibility should have a process to complete it.

Starting processes for those with ADHD

  • Begin with one important process that might not be working for you. Identify the steps. Now you have a standard operating procedure which you can share with your team.
  • Start documenting your process and make your documentation visual. Think about a video, chart, graphic or symbols that help you stay on track with the process.
  • Post your process where you can see it.
  • There is always room for improvement. Work through  your process for 2 weeks and tweak as needed. Think about how you can simplify the process too.


If processes are sounding a lot like routines, you are right! A routine is a consistent pattern of activity. The best routines are built from processes that work well. Changing the name and perspective on routines can make this easier to accomplish.



Check Lists I Love!

When there are tasks that need to be done over and over, a check list is a great way to get them completed.  It’s also a sure way to know that a process or series of tasks gets done too.  Check lists are reminders of what needs to be done when.


Gathered from a group of professional organizers and productivity consultants, as well as other contributors, try out one of these check lists to make life easier!



home maintenance check list

Home maintenance check list by Affordable Handy Man

Sabrina check lists

Sabrina’s Organizing Check Lists

Organizing Boutique Travel Check List

Organizing Boutique Travel Check List

Storage check list

Smart Happy Organized Basement Storage Check List

emergency checklist

Emergency preparedness and important papers Check List



tax preparation check list


Tax preparation

Share your favorite check lists here!


Your Most Organized Year Ever


Your Most Organized Year Ever



Each year as we start the new year, we think of ways to make a change and improve our lives.  Did you know that organizing is one of the top three goals each year?  Throughout the month of January, I will be offering 31 tips to help you have Your Most Organized Year Ever.  Implement just one of these tips, tools, techniques or tweaks this year. 


Checklists make performing or completing anything easier.  When there are many complicated steps to complete a project, a checklist helps you remember and complete each step. When there are many parts to a project, a checklist helps you keep them all together.


There are so many different ways to use checklists.

  • Create and use a checklist for your end of the month procedures.
  • Use a checklist to complete paying your bills each month.
  • Create and use an annual home maintenance checklist to be sure all maintenance is complete.
  • Create and use a packing checklist to be sure nothing gets left behind.
  • Where will a checklist help you?


Check out these checklists to help you this year.  Make this Your Most Organized Year Ever with checklists to help you stay more organized.


Ideas to make you more productive at home and work on my Powerful Productivity pinterest board.






productivity and checklists


My motto is “why reinvent the wheel?”  There are lots of repetitive tasks and routines we do in our home and office, with our kids and our assistants.   Here are some ideas for check lists that make a difference.

Leave the house check list

  • Post this on your child’s mirror and at the back door
  • Include the “must have” items for the day, including homework,

Family routines check list

  • Post this on the refrigerator or where every one can see it
  • Include a column for each day of the week, and a row for each family member
  • In each block list the responsibilities for the day
  • Create partnerships so everyone works in pairs to get jobs done

Grocery Shopping Check List

  • Post on pantry door
  • Download your list from your favorite grocery store

Home maintenance check list

Work checklists

  • Pay the bills checklist
  • Make the deposits checklist
  • Assistant’s daily or weekly checklist
  • New employee checklist

General lists for smartphones

  • Evernote
  • Toodledo

Find lots more free checklists at www.familymanager.com! A plethra of checklists are available at www.listplanit.com!