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TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More

family team work


Why not make organizing more fun? Why not build a team of people with different strengths to get the job gone?  Gather your team together to make a difference.  It’s teamwork that works! Simple ways to gather your team include:

  • Gather your family for the family meeting. Share with them a project you have in mind.  Ask how each can contribute to the project using what they do best.
  • Gather your friends together to support a cause.  Ask each of them to bring a friend to the meeting.
  • Gather your co-workers and find ways to support each other in having power periods.  Find a way that each team member can have an undistracted time to get their heavy duty work one.
  • Gather your faith family together to support those in need around you with child care or healthy meals.
  • Gather your grandkids and have a no technology day, learning how to use a yo yo or play jacks.  Your grandkids learn and connect with you regularly, creating an extended support for them.
  • Gather your family together for a power hour to get house cleaning knocked out.

Who can you gather together to get more done and have more fun?

Teachers Team up to Organize

This weekend I worked with a team of teachers to organize a storage closet they shared.   The closet had become totally unfunctional, being blocked on the floor with extra supplies and other clutter.    I had high hopes for this project, but the teachers exceeded my expectations! In 2 hours they had cleared the clutter completely!  How did this happen?

Start with a common goal. Together we defined what was clutter and what was not. Donations were designated for charity or other schools. 

Put a team plan in action. We divided the room into areas for specific content.  We labeled each section of the floor for  math, language, science and geography . One teacher stood at each spot to assess keep or donate.  The donate piles were labeled charity or school.  Runners took items from the closet to the designated areas.

Many hands make for light work. Ten teachers arrived that day ready to make a difference for their school.

So how did we accomplish so much? We stayed on task, partnered, and made excellent decisions. As you can see from the before and after pictures, now the closet is ready for more materials. 

How will it stay organized? Each teacher knows the new rules for what to keep, each teacher has their own shelf for their materials, and we labeled each area to know where to replace materials. 

Have a big project at work? Set the date, gather the team, set the goals, and go for it!