Spring Forward

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Each morning I am noticing the sun rising earlier, indicating it’s almost time for us to Spring Forward with a time change. While not something easy to embrace, the extra sunshine at the end of the day is a bonus.   What ways can we use that daylight hour to Spring Forward take better care of ourselves as well?  Here’s a few ideas I have.

Sunny, happy times

Research shows the value of sunshine on our emotional well being. Longer days mean more sunshine.  Sunlight cues seratonin, boosting your mood, helping you be calm and helping you stay focused.  Getting 15 minutes of sunshine boosts Vitamin D which helps bone health.


Time for exercise

Studies show that walking 10,000 steps in a day helps us keep active both physically and mentally.  With busy days that start early, the sunny evening time is great for a walk. Walking with your partner and kids is a bonus time for communication and sharing what’s happened that day.


Time for dinner

Longer daylight hours give us extra time to prepare dinner. Sitting down to dinner during daylight energizes you and your family.  The Family Dinner project shares ways to include easy meals to help you get dinner on the table.


Routines that make the most of extra daylight

  • End your day with meditation with the Headspace app.
  • Create a checklist for routines with dinner, including family members cooking and cleaning together.
  • Plan time for exercise with a family walk or bike ride.
  • Create a good sleep routine by stopping technology an hour before bedtime, keeping your bedtime the same, and keeping clutter out of your bedroom.
  • Spend 15 minutes with spring organizing at the end of your day.  Daylight will keep you energized.


By embracing this change, like all other changes, you will find more order and productivity in your day.




Doing the Spring Fling

spring organizing


Spring officially begins on March 21. It’s been a rainy and cold winter and we are ready for a sunny and warm spring. Doing the Spring Fling helps us by eliminating the unnecessary, deciding on what is most important and keeping only the best. It’s time to get started on decluttering your home and office.


Spring fever

Get motivated and focused first by having the end in sight. Find ideas on Tap into your inner organizer by defining 3 key words that will describe your newly organized spot, such as nurturing, simplified, inviting, or friendly. Key words for your work space might be efficient, effective or productive.  Know what you want your organized space to be and to feel like.


Spring time team

Gather your team to get going. At home your team can be a supportive friend, your children or your spouse. At the office it can be your colleagues, assistant or boss. It is more fun and energizing to work with partners. Set specific dates and deadlines for your organizing. Break the work into smaller units to work effectively and get this job done.  Working alongside others make organizing easier.


Not sure what to “fling?”

• Would you wear it today if it fit?
• You purchased a new one and it’s time to “fling” the old one.
• Your kids have outgrown it or don’t play with it.
• Post it notes about tasks that have been completed or phone numbers you don’t need.
• Rough drafts, emails you printed or interim prints of reports.
• Work for 15 minutes on your desk top or choose 15 items to “fling”.

Spring training

Add in great routines to keep your space maintained. Have a nightly family reset time or take just 5 minutes each evening to get items back to where they are stored. Take 5 minutes at the end of the day to recycle papers or notes. Plan a general reorganization each spring and fall, just to keep your home and office efficient, orderly and attractive.
Spring is just around the corner and you will be ready to enjoy your decluttered home or work space. Get started now with your Spring Fling.


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