Your word for 2013

Each year I ask my clients to think about the one word that is the word for the year. It is the word that defines the year for them.  It is a word to use when times are tough and things are rough. It is the word to celebrate their goals for the new year. 

In the last 2 years I have initiated this, I have had different words.  In 2011 it was blessings. In 2012 it was thrive.  For 2013 is FABULOUS!

This year I am looking forward to all the fabulous connections, blessings and more that life will bring.  What is fabulous? Over the top, amazing and magical.  I am looking forward to this word driving what I do with my business and my life. 

What is your one for the year? The word that will describe  your goals and more for 2013?

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