Perfectionism, Procrastination and Organizing

perfectionism, procrastination and organizing



Perfectionism and procrastination sound like opposites but are they really? Do you set incredibly high standards for a project including lots of planning and then don’t get started because it won’t be completed to your satisfaction? Do you put off a project, thinking you will have more time or energy to do it later? More often than you think, perfectionism can be immobilizing you.  Here are some points to think about with perfectionism, procrastination and organizing.


Are you a perfectionist?

Begin by becoming aware of perfectionism in your life. Many people do not realize that they are perfectionists. A home with clutter or incomplete projects can be the home of a perfectionist! Having incredibly high standards that are impossible to reach, whether in taking care of your home, completing a project, or in any thought process, indicate perfectionism. By having the realization of perfectionism, you can begin to evaluate what this is costing you and what’s next.


Focus on balanced goals and completion

Because perfectionism is stopping us from starting, we need to focus on the goals of balance and completion. Simply put, it is that old saying, “If I can’t do it right I am not going to do it at all.” Start by asking yourself, what is “right” to you? A realistic goal balances your personal energy, time and importance of the task. You can do it well and get it done. Donna Smallin, author of Organizing Plain and Simple, notes that “done is perfect.” You can start by using Donna’s saying to help you put things in perspective, create the balance for yourself and get the job done.

Empowering self talk

Another aspect of perfectionism is rigid, black and white thinking. Either a project is perfect or a disaster! Using acknowledging, empowering self talk, including kudos of accomplishment throughout the project, leads to satisfaction with the outcome and completion. Seeing productivity, you will feel successful and feel more like completing the project. It is definitely a circle of work and success that stands out then.


Making projects manageable


We may think that a project is going to take hours and we may not have hours to work on it. It may surprise you how much less time a project takes than we imagined.  We may not start a project until everything else is perfect around it.  Break the tasks into manageable parts. Make it manageable with one or two hour time slots, only taking out a part of the project, or adding in additional resources.  As you work through your project, commit by writing in your calendar slots that take advantage of your best energy times.  You will feel successful as you move forward, instead of putting off and procrastinating.



Standards of excellence instead of perfection make a difference in starting and completing a project. Whether organizing a space or any other task, start with baby steps and practice your imperfection. Work at a comfortable pace, allow for changes as needed and review your work consistently. When others offer to assist, welcome their help and disregard their imperfections as they help you complete a project. With this process, you will be excited by the excellence you created!


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Small Business Technology and Organization

small business technology and organization


As a business owner, we all want to find simple technology improvements that can make life and work easier. We see the value in using technology to its fullest. We seek out new technology options. Not long ago, wireless technology was a thing of the future and now two-thirds of small businesses use it unfailingly. Just a few small tweaks to our small business technology helps us in a big way.


Do you take advantage of the cloud?

A major trend is the use of the cloud. Did you know that 92% of all small businesses have adopted one cloud based solution? Options like Google drive, Dropbox and Box are used to store and retrieve files. The ability to store, sync and retrieve files across many platforms is a simple, smart way to efficiently run a business.


Are you using a scanner?

Take this to the next level using a scanner. Think about using a cloud based solution combination like Neat Connect to scan and store documents. You are on the way to a paperless office. There are fewer hassles finding and filing important documents. There is less manual entry and more automation. You feel less stress about shuffling documents between co-workers.

Do you market with social media?

Social media sites like hootsuite and klout make it easy to reach your audience.  You can post to Facebook and twitter by scheduling your posts.  Klout recommends articles of interest to your audience.   Take your social media marketing to the next step using these tools.


What apps apply for your small biz?

Using programs and apps that are available on smart phone, tablet and computer make powerful use of technology . Apps like Evernote and Notes help us increase efficiency with task management. Using social media across platforms helps us leverage our marketing. Apps can help with simple small tasks too. Expense reports and taking payments can be easily managed with Expensify and Square. Neat combines the power of your desktop, your tablet, and your smartphone creating a system that helps with accounting, contacts and documents.  We all have favorite apps.  Add your’s below.


Finding the right combination of apps for your small business makes small business work more manageable. Seek out new technology with an eye for automation. Keep open to find solutions to challenges you are facing through finding solutions within technology improvements.


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5 Tried and True Techniques for Productivity



When we have tried and true tools and techniques, we trust these won’t fail us.  When it’s crunch time it’s easier to be more productive.   There are so many different tools, tips and remixes for each of us to use.  I have learned to trust these 5 techniques for making sure I am efficient and effective, especially when it’s down to the wire.


I always trust my planner

My first instinct as an organizer is to run to my planner and write stuff down.  In just seconds I won’t remember an appointment, a task for a client, or to return a call.  Writing stuff down means I don’t have to remember it and I can trust my planner with all dates and details.


I rely on percolation time.

I have learned that working on projects when they are broken down into smaller units works for me.  I think and work hard for an hour, then I leave the project for a few days. In the days between, I have new thoughts and additional energy.  The time between the work periods is what I call percolation time. It’s the time things “percolate” to the top. I can continue and complete the project feeling I have done my best.

I do my best work early in the day.

You’re either a morning person or an evening person.  For me my best work is done earliest in the day. Thoughts flow easily and content comes together.  I take a walk-run early and then head immediately into work time.  Do you know when is your best work time?


I start each day with a list and knowing my 3 Most Important Tasks (MITs)

Without my Maps app, I won’t be heading anywhere in my car. Without my 3 MITs, I am not heading in the right direction either.  My Most Important Tasks usually revolve around calendar (Note: it was first on this list) and client responsiveness.  Know your goals and set these up for success by prioritizing the day’s tasks.


I love and trust routine and use it wisely.

If you looked in my planner, you could easily see my daily routine.  Client appointments are scheduled in 3 hour units, parallel times each day.  I especially love my bedtime routine.   I am a person of great routines and consistency.  Each of us has some routine already existing. It’s in adding in what will benefit you, rather than rein you in, that routines do us the most good.



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