Get Ahead for the Holidays

The holiday season is just around the corner! That means there’s a lot to be done in a short time.  The holidays are about giving and sharing, as well as helping those in our community.  

  • Plan your holiday season with a big paper month at a glance calendar or the google calendar online.  Knowing your upcoming commitments and plans keeps you from double booking.  Review it weekly to keep on track with purchasing gifts and making goodies. Set deadlines on your calendar to get it all complete.
  • It all starts with lists. Go into your gift closet and make a list of what you have purchased all year. Make a list of who you are giving gifts to this year.  Make a list for Thanksgiving dinner, what will you serve and who will be attending.  Lists make our life run like clockwork.  Use a cute holiday spiral notebook or your smart phone notes section.
  • Get your holiday cards in the mail efficiently with Send Out Cards.  Gift cards are also available on this site too!
  • Use the smart phone app Red Laser to comparison shop.
  • Shop online at to get discounted items and often free shipping.
  • Gather your family together to decorate your home.  Set a time, put on holiday music, and have a blast together. 
  • Go online to stores where you shop and get additional coupons for your purchases. Join their Facebook Business Pages to learn about sales and discounts. 
  • For families, give the gift of time together with memberships to the YMCA, Houston Children’s Museum, Houston Zoo or Houston Museum of Natural Science. Family gifts of an ice cream maker or a movie set are great way to connect. Think small this year!
  • Make a holiday playlist to get you in the mood and keep your attitude jolly. Many of our favorite artists, from Sinatra to Michael Buble, have their own holiday albums to listen to.  Or make your own with Pandora. 
  • Use to mail your boxes. Create your shipping label at home and skip the lines at the post office.  Set early deadlines for you to get items off. 
  • Plan one family activity for your family to connect with our community.  Talk to your family about what means the most to them and how they can contribute.  Bring your items to the philanthropy with your kids to share the real meaning of the season.  There are lots of needs around us this year. 

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