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Thinking about those new year’s resolutions and your exercising? Over and over again we know we should exercise, we think about exercising, we think about getting the right “gear” to exercise, and on and on.  So what about getting organized to exercise and getting going?

There are many parallels of exercising and organizing.  Both are lifestyle changes that mean a commitment.  One trip to the gym will not make me svelte, and spending an hour in your kitchen junk drawer will not make you organized. Being committed means finding a compelling reason to organize or exercise.  The list of reasons can be a mile long, but pick one that is most meaningful to you.  Post it where you will see it, feel it and make exercise happen.  For me, exercise means really feeling good about my clothes. It is not just for looks, it is for comfort.  I want to zip up my jeans comfortably.  Your reason will be a very personal one, but be sure to tap into it to create an undeniable need to get going.    Still need a compellling reason? Check out this article

Both exercising and organizing require partners and accountability.  In a world where we share online all the time, put it out there!  Find others who are also struggling and partner for your accountability.   It can be as simple as a text to a partner, “going to the gym today?”  If you are very brave, get it out there on Facebook!  You will find that others who share your struggles feel compassionate, and they will want a partner too.  Most importantly find partners who will exercise with you.  So I am going to put it out there for myself.  My exercising is attending a weekly one hour pilates class.  I am also committing to walking five times a week for 30 minutes with one of my walking partners or by myself. 

Both exercising and organizing require baby steps.  In an all or nothing world, it is easy to think about the big stuff.  But really think about how you can make a small change for yourself.   For me it is the 30 minutes of walking. For you it might be playing Wii fit for 15 minutes every other day, parking your car at the far end of the lot, taking the stairs instead, or any other small change.  So let me know, what is your baby step for exercising or organizing this year?

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  1. Sandy Jenney - Organize with Sandy
    Sandy Jenney - Organize with Sandy says:

    Isn’t that the truth? I always say maintaining the your organizing system is like maintaining your weight loss. It needs upkeep.
    Thanks so much for linking to my Organizing Mission Monday link party. I did change your link to be specific to your blog post though, instead of your home page. That way ppl can find this specific post later.

  2. Ellen
    Ellen says:

    Thanks Sandy! And thanks for fixing the link. My doctor told me one hour of exercise daily. Just think if we did one hour of organizing daily! Wow!

  3. Eva
    Eva says:

    Hi Ellen,
    I love this post, I recently wrote a post about this same topic, how organizing and exercising parallel each other. Btw I think that’s a great idea about “putting it out there”. I’m training for my first marathon and I think that will be an added boost to get out there and run even when I don’t feel like it.
    Thanks again!

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