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15 Home Organizing Tasks that Take 15 Minutes

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It’s completely paralyzing at times to think how long it will take to organize your home. It seems like every step you take and every room you enter has hours of organizing to do to get it together.  But as we know from Lifehacker, there are betters way to get this job done! It can be just flitting from space to space with 15 minutes time slots to organize your home.  I am obsessed with organizing in 15 minutes.  These 15 home organizing tasks are an easy way to get organized.

1. Go through one pile of paper on your kitchen counter

For 15 minutes you can tackle a lot of paper.  Grab a stack on your counter and let it go.  Not sure what to keep, check here.

2. File 5 papers and take 5 papers out of files

Remember that awesome filing system you created in 2001?  Get in there and renovate it with 5 files at a time.

3. Recycle magazines over 6 months old

Cull through and pull out last season’s magazines and be ready to enjoy the more recent ones.  Recycle these when you go by to get your oil changed, visiting the doctor’s office or other places where people wait.

4. Sort through old cell phones and chargers and place in the recycle bin.

Gather up old technology and delete all your contacts. Recycle or resell your phones.  Donate your old chargers because there are others who want extras.

5. Take the hard drive out of your old computer and disable it.

There may be more than one computer you need to recycle at your home or office.  Your computer can be recycled or donated once the hard drive is out. Take out a screwdriver to get this done and free up a lot of office space.

6. Toss expired items on one shelf of your pantry

Take a look at the expiration dates and make a decision.  There are lots of considerations for out of date food.  Take out what you consider expired and toss.

7. Rearrange your kitchen utensil drawer to consolidate knives, spoons and spatulas

Have you recently purchased new cooking utensils? It’s time to divest what you replaced and send it along to donate.

8. Go through your car to toss trash and bring in items to distribute.

Our cars need a little organizing too.  If there’s a trash build up, grab a bag and get it to the garbage. If it’s items that need to get back inside your home, bring a basket to gather them together to carry  them inside.

9. Spend 15 minutes with your child decluttering toys

In 15 minutes your child will begin learning about decision making and prioritizing.  It’s a great first step to teach organizing.  Focus on letting go of 3 toys, making it easy for your child.

10. Pull out what’s too small and reorganize your child’s closet

It makes every morning easier having just what fits in your kid’s closet or dresser.

11. Sort through your single sock bag, match up what you can, then donate the rest.

This task is only worthy of 15 minutes.  Reuse these socks in the cleaning area, as dog toy, or potpourri holder.

12. Eliminate towels that are worn for regular use.

You purchased new towels but the old ones are in there making the linen area look shabby.

13. Cull down to 2 sets of sheets per bed in your linen closet.

An uncrowded linen closet makes a lovely sight.

14. Go through your old home décor and donate what won’t be used.

Well used curtains? Not matching colors? Loved that back when? It’s time to bless others to bless their homes with this decor.

15.  Spend 15 minutes for 5 days eliminating what you doesn’t make you look or feel fabulous in your closet. First shoes, then tops, bottoms, dresses and finally accessories.

It’s true! If you would not buy that today, it doesn’t belong in your closet.  Taking your closet organizing in baby steps helps you make the most of your wardrobe.  You will love this space and you will know everything you have after you organized.



10 tidbits to total organization


It’s the little things that count! Take one of these tidbits and make it your own,  getting it done in your own way, to get started on your way to total organization.

1. Go to bed at a regular time. Getting a good night’s rest means you can get up rested and ready to tackle the day.

2. Get up a smidge earlier than the rest of your clan. Your time is your own and you can get more done.  It’s the best time for ME time!

3. Get ready the night before. There is never enough time in the morning. Lots of things go wrong in the morning. Have your bag, your kids bag and any other stuff together at night. Get your clothes together too.

4. Get a plan for meals in and out of your home. There are so many ways to get dinner done, groceries purchased and a plan in place. Having a plan also helps you save money. Have fun with this on pinterest, allrecipes or just by having your family cook with you.

5. Get help with the hard stuff of laundry and dishes. Have a time set aside every day to have both of these completed well before bedtime. It may not be as fun as you like, but add incentives and partnerships so that it gets done. Set a timer to just get laundry put away and dishes in the dishwasher in the evening. In the morning, set that timer again to get the laundry started and the dishwasher unloaded. Have a chores chart to share the responsibilities.

6. Have a morning and evening routine for you and your kids. Use checklists so that everyone knows what to do next and what is expected. Have clocks in the kitchen, bathrooms, and landing strip so that you can keep on time for these routines too.

7. Have a designated spot for your and your family’s stuff. Every evening get the stuff back to where it belongs. If the stuff is already overflowing, set a time to just work on that one area to get it back to a manageable amount in that spot.

8. Keep your car organized by dumping the trash while getting gas. Our cars get just as disorganized as our homes. Take only the papers into your home that are required, not just in case.

9. Write out your 3 most important tasks (MITs) for the next day the night before. Having a clear focus on what to do first makes the day more productive.

10. Keep your calendar up to date. When asked about an activity, just share, “I have to check”. That way you are making a plan before you add new activities for you and your kids.

Organizing and Exercising

Thinking about those new year’s resolutions and your exercising? Over and over again we know we should exercise, we think about exercising, we think about getting the right “gear” to exercise, and on and on.  So what about getting organized to exercise and getting going?

There are many parallels of exercising and organizing.  Both are lifestyle changes that mean a commitment.  One trip to the gym will not make me svelte, and spending an hour in your kitchen junk drawer will not make you organized. Being committed means finding a compelling reason to organize or exercise.  The list of reasons can be a mile long, but pick one that is most meaningful to you.  Post it where you will see it, feel it and make exercise happen.  For me, exercise means really feeling good about my clothes. It is not just for looks, it is for comfort.  I want to zip up my jeans comfortably.  Your reason will be a very personal one, but be sure to tap into it to create an undeniable need to get going.    Still need a compellling reason? Check out this article http://www.huffingtonpost.com/christine-carter-phd/how-exercise-can-boost-intelligence_b_794601.html.

Both exercising and organizing require partners and accountability.  In a world where we share online all the time, put it out there!  Find others who are also struggling and partner for your accountability.   It can be as simple as a text to a partner, “going to the gym today?”  If you are very brave, get it out there on Facebook!  You will find that others who share your struggles feel compassionate, and they will want a partner too.  Most importantly find partners who will exercise with you.  So I am going to put it out there for myself.  My exercising is attending a weekly one hour pilates class.  I am also committing to walking five times a week for 30 minutes with one of my walking partners or by myself. 

Both exercising and organizing require baby steps.  In an all or nothing world, it is easy to think about the big stuff.  But really think about how you can make a small change for yourself.   For me it is the 30 minutes of walking. For you it might be playing Wii fit for 15 minutes every other day, parking your car at the far end of the lot, taking the stairs instead, or any other small change.  So let me know, what is your baby step for exercising or organizing this year?