Back to School and Back to Routines for Everyone


back to school and back to routines

Classes have already started in many places and around Houston.  Football season is around the corner.  Knowing its time to get back to routines is part of the end of Summer and the beginning of Fall.  Our routines may have faltered during the hot Summer, but these tried and true routines make a difference in easing our stress.   Back to school means back to routines for moms, dads and everyone!

Your Bedtime

It’s easy to get to bed later and later during the Summer.  It stays light late and it is hard to wind down. Get started getting ready for bed earlier so you can get a great night’s rest. Most of us truly need 8 hours of sleep a night to do our best.


Your Lists

There seems to be much more on our plate during this time of year. Make it easy with making lists. It takes a lot to keep remembering all that we need to do.  Your list can be digital or paper.  Write stuff down and then prioritize for the day.


Organize and take stock

Stuff may get a little chaotic during the Summer.  All of a sudden your closet, your supplies and your pantry are disorganized.  Take a little time during August to get them back to their regular order.  If you have clothes you have not worn all Summer, it’s time to donate them.  Gather your office supplies together.  Do you have  a good routine for putting back your supplies? Simplify your access to items if you have trouble. Straighten items and review what is in your pantry. Create a checklist on paper or with an app to make shopping easier. Just giving each of these areas a little attention will make each day easier.


Your Planner

Summer fun is often spontaneous, but Fall has lots and lots of activities coming up.  Get back to the routine of entering dates in your planner as soon as you know them.  Enter all dates from the school calendar, sports calendars, church calendars and any other activities onto your planner so these are all consolidated.  Having all the dates in one spot makes it easy to see and know what is coming up.


Check out my Back to School board on pinterest for other Back to School ideas.

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  1. Autumn Leopold
    Autumn Leopold says:

    I love going to bed earlier and getting up earlier in the fall. It’s awesome to have a hot cup of tea on the porch on a cool morning! I’m starting a Home Management Binder this year. I’m hoping it will keep me on track. I also have a binder just for Sam’s school stuff. I usually keep a calendar system on the wall but since our home is staged to sell It will have to be in the binder. I’ll let you know how it goes! Great post Ellen!

  2. Diane Quintana
    Diane Quintana says:

    Great tips, Ellen! You’re so right about getting to bed earlier. I remember when my children were in school I’d start the process of getting back to an early bed time in August so that by the time school started in early September they were back into a routine of going to bed early and getting up early. Love your advice!

  3. Regina Sanchez
    Regina Sanchez says:

    So hard to believe it’s already that time. I have to say I LOVE this time of the season. After having a summer of limited routines and later nights, I do appreciate getting back to a schedule. Great reminders to get everyone started in that routine.

  4. Ellen Delap
    Ellen Delap says:

    Love that this post made a difference for each of you!

    @Autumn – the challenges of selling your home and staying organized! Keep us posted!

    @Diana – getting ready for the big day makes early bed times important.

    @Seana – it’s surprising how few people realize the value of the planner.

    @Janet – those little changes in day light make a big difference.

    @Regina – it’s the natural calling of fall to get us back to routines.

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