Staying on top of the paper tsunami!

Getting on top of the incoming flood of paper takes getting a great plan and personalized routines into action!  Without a doubt, dealing with paper is one of the most overwhelming tasks. Attack it with gusto!

This Smead Stadium Sorter is just the tool it takes to combat paper.  It is 12 tiered pockets so that you can see all your categories simultaneously.  Labels are included, such as by month, or household subject, or you can make your own with your personal categories, including your kids, your partner, receipts, dinner menus, coupons and other common categories of paper. It is a small enough size to fit on the counter, right by your phone.  It is large enough to hold  up to 900 sheets of paper!

Let’s go step by step with this sorter. 

  • First decide what your categories should include for your family.  I recommend not only the names of your kids and partner, but also Action, File, and Pending.  Label the files with the labels included, your sharpie pen or your label maker. 
  • Now place this in the spot that you can see it daily, and set it up as a work zone for incoming mail and kids’ papers.
  • Every evening, sort into your sorter. If you miss an evening, try to sort at least twice a week.
  • Once a week, go back into your sorter and have your administrative time.  This is the time to review what is in the sorter, do your filing into your real files, toss out expired, and make a list of actions left to do.  Having this time weekly means you are up to date on your papers. 
  • Now the bonus! Give yourself a reward for your hard work!  That can include a walk, bubble bath, time at Starbucks or Jamba Juice, or  your choice.  Working with paper is not for sissies!

What is your best tip for staying on top of paper?

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