Twelve for 2012

12 organizing tips



1.  Get a great calendar. Just one!

2. Find the best way to do your to do list. It can be paper, computer or on your phone.

3. Organize your purse with zippy cases for makeup, receipts, and other categories.

4. Organize your car by dumping the trash and papers each time you get gas.

5. Go through your mail every day. Just for 5 minutes and triage the papers.

6. Get ready the night before with your bags by the back door.

7. Make a date with your calendar and lists for Weekly Planning, a time to review what is coming up next week, consolidate your lists, and make a plan.

8.  Go through your make up drawer and keep what you use daily easy to access.

9.  Go through your email three times a day, making decisions, delegating and deleting.

10.  Establish a weekly meeting at work and home to communicate the week’s plan.

11.  Find partners to help you complete and work through the tough stuff, whatever that may be.

12.  Prioritize your goals for 2012.  We can’t do it all, all the time.  Decide what is most important this year for your time and energy.

What are your 12 for 12?

Want to get organized in 2012? Clutter Diet Membership Specials until January 16, 2012

So many people want to get organized for the New Year, but if you are on a budget or don’t otherwise have access to hire a professional organizer, I wanted to share with you a resource to help and let you know about a special deal.  In 2006 organizing expert Lorie Marrero created The Clutter Diet®, an innovative online program that helps you “get your house in shape.” Her program has helped thousands of members in eighteen countries around the world, making organizing expertise affordable and accessible to anyone, anywhere.  As  you know, I am on of the five online Experts too!

When you use the coupon code 2012win”, you will receive 25% off an Annual membership! This discount is the lowest possible price Lorie offers.

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The best part of all– If you are concerned whether this program is right for you, no worries, because your first two weeks are free!  You can sign up for the Annual membership with this coupon code and your card will not be charged until 2 weeks later, and you can cancel at any time. We feel great about recommending Lorie and her team, because there is no risk involved.

 For comparison:
Month-to-month Clutter Diet membership: $17.95/month ($215.40/yr)
Normal price for annual membership: $11.95/month ($143.40/yr prepaid)
Usual price PER HOUR with a professional organizer in person: $75.00+ per HOUR
YOUR PRICE: $8.92/month ($107/yr prepaid)

Get organized with these member resources:

  • unlimited access, 7 days a week, to a team of Certified Professional Organizers® for personal consulting in the member area, including photo consultations,  
  • easy multimedia tutorials,  
  • searchable reference articles, 
  • your own customized reminder system, 
  • and their exclusive weekly project plans…  

…all for about the price of a box of trash bags or a package of coffee.

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Choose “ANNUAL” option, and enter the coupon code 2012win to get started with your free two weeks and lock in this very special discount price. After January 16 at midnight, annual memberships will cost $143.40.

Your first week takes you through Lorie’s 7-Day Quickstart [use your affiliate link here] program, a week of focused guidance to help you choose a project, plan it out, and get it DONE! Then you get an additional 7 days of full access and support at no charge before your special discount price is applied.

FTC Disclosure: Occasionally in this newsletter we may have links to other companies’ products which provide us with a commission if you purchase from our link. We want you to know that we feature only products here that we absolutely believe in and getting a commission on them is just a smart bonus if we happen to have a link available to us… We are at all times looking out for what is best for our readers and our reputation. Thank you!

Clutter Support Group Forming in Kingwood (February 2012)

Have you had a life long struggle with being organized?  Need support from a community of people who are equally overwhelmed?  Don’t know where to start? Looking for accountability and resources to help you live the life that truly want in life? Need an affordable organizing solution?  It’s time to get started and declutter your life!

Join Ellen Delap CPO® in February 2012 for’s  Clutter Support Group. This membership based group is the starting point for your journey in transforming your life, helping you define, establish and maintain an uncluttered lifestyle.’s Clutter Support Group is a four week, 1 ½ hour program where members support each other every week.  Members will work on individual projects, read along in the book The Other Side Of Organized, and discuss organizing solutions.  Fee is $100 for the sessions, book and related materials.  Register by January 25.  There is a limited membership.  For information and to register, call 281.360.3928 or visit

ADDA-SR Conference Survive and Thrive with ADHD on February 17-18, 2012

24th Annual Conference

Attention Deficit Disorders Association – Southern Region

Friday and Saturday – February 17 & 18, 2012

Sheraton North Houston Hotel – Houston, TX


This event is designed for parents, educators, adults with ADD and healthcare professionals. The general session speaker will be Thomas Matthews, M.D., with UT San Antonio covering updated trends in ADHD. Author Chris Dendy will present several sessions addressing teen issues. Thirty breakout sessions address wide variety of topics including behavior management, life skills, medication, educational law, related conditions and classroom strategies. Join me at the session Organizing Your ADD Family on Friday.  For further information call 281-897-0982, or visit

Organizing Your Christmas Decorations

The holidays have come and gone.   Getting organized for the holidays really depends on organizing your Christmas decorations the year before!  I wanted to share a few of my favorite products in organizing for after the holidays.  These are available at Target, WalMart, Container Store, Stacks and Stacks and more!

Take Back Your Life… By the Sea Galveston Weekend

Take Back Your Life Now! … by the Sea!
A Weekend of Happiness and Positivity
Empower Women to Lead Healthy, Balanced and Organized Lives
Presented by Deborah Olson, M.A., LPC, Kingwood Counseling and Ellen Delap, CPO,
Take Back Your Life Now! Women Empowering Women.

  • Discover your unique strengths and how these contribute to your happiness and resilience
  • Learn your organizing style
  • Enjoy sessions on wellness, photography, and fashion
  • Relax and rejuvenate at the spa, walking the beach and reflecting
  • Share and bond with engaging and energized women

Register Now:
Event: Take Back Your Life … By the Sea
Date: January 27-29, 2012
Location: San Luis Resort, 5222 Seawall Blvd, Galveston TX » SanLuis Resort, 5222 Seawall Blvd, Galveston TX.
Cost: $295.00
Includes: Fees include all workshop materials as well as breakfast and lunch Saturday, and breakfast Sunday.
Hotel Fees: $139 per night, single or double occupancy

via email or call 281-360-3928

Registration deadline January 10, 2012

Address the Mess at University of Houston Small Business Development Center. January 19.

Join us for Address the Mess! 

Join the UH SBDC as they team up with the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) to bring you an exciting and informative session on the latest ideas and solutions for organizing your business.  NAPO is a group of over 4,000 professional organizers dedicated to helping individuals and businesses bring order and efficiency to their lives. January is national GO – Get Organized month so make plans now to attend.  You will receive strategies for email productivity, must-have guidelines for organizing your business finances, and secrets for organizing and preparing your desk and workspace for immediate impact.

NAPO speakers include:

Holly Uverity, CPO®, Office Organizers – The Entrepreneur’s Organizer™

Ellen R. Delap, CPO®,

Gayle Goddard, The Clutter Fairy

Breakfast included.

Institute for Challenging Disorganization Conference and Motivational Interviewing

Learning is important to me.  I love to learn, especially tools I can use in my work with my clients.  This year at the Institute for Challenging Disorganization Conference, I learned more about Motivational Interviewing. 

What is motivational interviewing?  It is helping a client resolve ambivalences in their life by supporting change with authentic resources. So what does this mean?  Through motivational interviewing, my clients can talk through a challenge and find a possible solution.  It is ” a person centered form of guiding to elicit and strengthen motivation for change.”  It is basically a guided way to talk through a challenge that the client has decided needs to be changed. 

How will this help my clients?  In finding additional tools in our work together, my clients will be using their own voices to resolve organizational, motivational, time management and paper management issues. This tool will be in addition to coaching and bringing resources to them.  We can create our own solutions with a partner guiding us and coaching us through the questions we have, as well as adding insights and resources from time to time.  In listening and reflecting back to clients, they are finding answers.  In addition to coaching, this client centered approach is a great fit for the clients I work with and helps us work together to establish their vision of organized!

Thanks to Cathy Cole ( for instructing us at the ICD conference!

Small Ways to Make A Difference this Holiday Season

It is so easy to get caught up in the blitz of the holidays.  How easy it is to overlook the ways we can make a difference for others.  Here are a few small ways to make a difference this season.

Star of Hope Mission


Humble Area Assistance

Drop some change in the Salvation Army bucket.

Drop off a toy for Toys for Tots at ToysRUs.

Gather your kids and donate your used toys to thrift shops in our community.

What are your favorite ways to make a small difference?