Organized for an Emergency

Life has a way of “happening!”  You just never know when an emergency is going to come along.  So what do we need to be organized just in case?

Our family recently had a medical emergency of this unforeseen type.  We rushed to the hospital with the bare minimum for a day or two stay.  First and most importantly we had our medical information organized.  Our family has only a few medications and a few allergies, but this is the first thing you will be asked when a situation occurs. Have a list of all these for each family member printed and placed in your car . Medical insurance cards are critical to keep in your wallet.  So be sure you have your most recent with you.

We want to stay in touch and communicate with family, friends, church pastors and doctors.  I love that we can keep all these numbers handy in our cell phone! We also have an emergency contact list for our family including email addresses, work phone numbers and a few other details.  Need lists for medical information or  contacts?  I love  Check it out!

Speaking of our phone or other technology, be sure to bring your charger and other attachments to keep everything up and running.  Having one extra charger is a  small price for staying in touch.   

I spent the night there with my husband.  I always have a travel kit ready to go.  It has all the basics in it, in small containers, including a nail file and bandaids.  I dropped this and a few items in my bag and off I went. 

It really provided peace of mind to me to be ready at a moment’s notice. And that is what being organized is all about!

Organizing your car (maintenance)

Organizing your car means having handy access for the things you need, when you need them, without having an accident to get to them. What about maintaining your organized car? If your car is “trashed” regularly, here are some hints to help you easily keep it in order.

Empty trash at each stop along the way. As you get gas or run errands at Target, drop your trash in the cans just outside the door there.  Or you can place a large trash can in your garage for you to easily drop in items. Take advantage of these trash cans along the way. 

Up to date registration and safety stickers are easy to renew if you calendar the date on your planner.  It saves the cost of a ticket!  You can enter this as a recurring event on your Outlook calendar too.

Need to keep track of mileage for expenses? Keep a mileage log in your car and write it down during a gas stop. Regular intervals like this weekly stop create a baby step for an often overwhelming task.

Empty the extra stuff out of your car each day.  It is a small step to keep your car from being a dumping ground by distributing items back into your home where these belong each day.  Assign this task to your family team members too to get the job done. 

Is your car your office? Once a week refill the items you use regularly, like business cards or marketing pieces, into well defined spots in the car.  It is like preparing for a quick meeting by having handy these items.

What baby steps are you taking to keep your car organized?

Travel and organizing

Just when you are getting ready for a trip is when to be most organized. Yes, there are Targets in every major city. But why spent time there when we are on vacation?  Take time to make a list for what you need. Have a travel cosmetic bag ready all the time including beauty duplicates and get ready 3 days in advance, so that those last minute forget- me- nots get included in your stuff! If getting ready in advance is a challenge, get your suitcase out one week ahead of time and drop one category of items in each day.  This way everything can be dropped in and then evaluate what you really need the day before you leave. Bon voyage and really enjoy the holiday!

FYI Need a list? Try this membership based resource